Closing Statement

To all who voted Andrew Hunt and what we stand for, Thanks.

To the few who put out effort to spread the Liberty message, you are the people who can really make a difference. Do not stop now but continue to work ideas gently into conversations and help wake up the People. I hope more of you become active as reaching out is required for such changes to become reality. Just talking among like minded people does very little.

We did achieve some improvements to government. Gov. Deal moved over from being a common core person in March to going all the way to school choice months into the campaign and looking at fully revamping education! I am hopeful that there will be some movement to adopt other parts of our platform as it was all designed to truly improvement government and our lives.

We learned some things from interactions, comments, and the high turnout by republicans and low democratic turnout; this election was controlled by fear voting of ending democratic power. The low total we achieved and the low overall voter turnout shows that the majority of people, who say they are dissatisfied with government, are not so dissatisfied with it enough to work a little bit to learn their options and actually go and vote. It is a sad that the American public is so heavily influenced by propaganda advertising filled with, at best, partial truths.

I really enjoyed my interactions with the 30,000+ very diverse people I met and all those I got to know. It is a rare but expanding personal experience of being a public figure and interacting with media. Now I go back to my personal life and more time with my wonderful family. I wish all of you the very best and God’s blessings.