Election Guide

Topic Andrew Hunt Nathan Deal Jason Carter
Jobs/Unemployment <5% unemployment by incentivizing all quality jobs Highest unemployment in nation Slow job increase by improving education
Liberty Reduce laws to restore our rights Has increased the number of laws No defined action
Taxes Decrease from 6% to 4% and start $20,000 higher Collected taxes increased by $2.7B/yr No tax cuts
Education Become top 20 state After 4 years in office is studying how to improve it Increase pay to teachers and hire “better” teachers
Common Core No, offer a variety of school types YES YES
School Choice YES YES (just changed) YES
Performance Pledge YES NO One weak item
Medical Marijuana YES for all medical needs Maybe some, trials being run Maybe some
Reduce Traffic Yes, over whole metro area reduction Over $1billion in the 285/400 interchange No defined action
Fight for our state rights YES Some No defined action
Recover our federal tax dollars YES Some YES
Corruption/Ethics Must CHANGE and have open and transparent government Most corrupt state ranking and many ethical issues Promises honest government
Poverty Must end poverty cycle via education and quality jobs Has failed to improve it at all Prioritizes strong middle class
Veterans Ensure the federal government fulfills its obligations There are numerous bad cases in Georgia No defined action
Police State Retrain police force to end no-knock warrants and property confiscation without due process Maintain as is No defined action