Job Powerhouse

Create Jobs to Achieve< 5% Unemployment

Lowered unemployment increases family stability and decreases crime. Lowered unemployment naturally increases pay as employers compete for its number one asset: the people that work at the enterprise. People naturally feel good about themselves when they have a good job that pays fairly.

Currently only large businesses and the well-connected receive special relief, incentives, and government contracts.  There are so many neighborhoods, small towns and cities around Georgia full of people who do not receive any benefits.  The majority of companies and people pay for this crony capitalism.  With the Job Powerhouse plan we establish a level playing field with fairness and freedom of operation.  Companies and citizens create the jobs that drive our economy. A truly free enterprise system without penalties on employers will grow jobs rapidly. 

Eliminate Employment Penalty Taxes

We should incentivize jobs – not penalize them.  Government is currently limiting our liberty and taxing jobs, and this is very wrong.  Georgia employment taxes will be cut completely and federal employment taxes will be reimbursed by the state.  We will also alter regulations that result in artificial incremental cost of jobs.  We will make Georgia a Job Powerhouse by eliminating taxes which Georgia employers currently pay for providing jobs.

There should be no special awards to only a few companies.  Deal helped create a fund with which he can direct special benefits to a small number of selected companies.  This is the ultimate example of crony capitalism.  Government should not direct businesses any more than it should direct churches.   There needs to be as few regulations as possible so that we can have a true free enterprise system. Let the open market place, not the government, decide on the winners and losers.  There will be so many more winners and more jobs by reducing the government burdens and influence.

Eliminating employment penalty taxes equally helps all employers – small, medium or large – in every location of Georgia.  It also helps employees by making a tighter market place for employees, thus opening new career options – which can also be enhancement in compensation.

The Job Powerhouse program will be funded by cutting expenses and government, while receiving greater income from the expanding economy that it fosters.  Expenses of having under-employed or unemployed are reduced; crimes and prisoners are fewer; and poverty and people needing financial aid are greatly reduced.  With more jobs, the number of people paying taxes is increased.  Without any increase in the tax rates Georgia will receive much more income in the form of sales tax due to increased commerce, and people and companies will have higher income, which will add to the tax income. By reducing state expenses and increasing its income, these employment tax structure changes can be implemented and maintain a balanced budget.

More Entrepreneurs and High Tech Industry

High-tech industry growth yields higher incomes and better schools.  Attracting or starting these companies is the initial step, however, in order to create mechanisms to retain and allow prosperity of these companies will be a key to long-term growth.  We must communicate to executives, employers, and key employees the great benefits of Georgia.  The elimination of employment penalty taxes will help high-tech firms. Georgia needs to reduce all burdens on companies that make it hard to establish and run businesses.  Entrepreneurs have a hard enough time starting up a company.  We do not need artificial burdens from the government.  Initiatives to provide a uniform playing field for all companies will lead to a more vibrant high-tech community and allow Georgia to retain these companies in growth industries.

Incentivize Over $11/hour Pay

Our objective is to incentivize employers to create jobs that provide competitive pay for all Georgians.  To bring a higher base pay to Georgians, the employment penalty tax reimbursement of federal payroll taxes will be for jobs paying $11/hour or more, and this will be indexed to inflation.  Additionally, maintaining low unemployment will drive up pay for all, as employers will compete to get the staff they need.  A strong free market economy yields great jobs!  Thus, elimination of employment penalty taxes will bring higher pay and ensure fewer jobs with lower pay.  When the People earn more, there is a stronger economy -which in turn helps all businesses.