Improve Education to be a Top 20 State

The US leads the world in education spending, yet does not top performance rankings.   We firmly believe this can be reversed in Georgia with a strong plan of action.  Georgia’s number one resource is its people, and they have the talent and aptitude to compete and lead globally.   We need to properly educate our children not only so they can realize their full potential, but also to equip them to participate as productive citizens and compete in the evolving global economy.

My parents founded the first Montessori school in Georgia where the love of learning and independence is instilled in children.  I am passionate about education and furthering their vision for excellence in education.

As founder and former CEO of a leading nanotechnology company I personally know the importance of highly educated work force.  As a pioneer in the field of nanotechnology I have proudly represented our state in national and international forums and conferences where leaders from across the world collaborate to find solutions to some of the most complex challenges on the planet.  I am honored to have been nominated by colleagues to lead lectures and initiatives with top intellectuals and will use these contacts, lessons learned, and best practices to enhance Georgia’s education system.  We will establish a strong network of interdisciplinary partnerships between industry and academic leaders within the state of Georgia.

Georgia has multiple leading higher education institutions which will receive continued support; however, raising standards and preparation of students from K through 12 should be a top priority.

In order to do this first we must increase both public and private school choices available to parents and their children.  This will create competition and continuously raise the performance bar and lead to improved performance rankings. 

Second, we must implement technology and emphasize math, science and creative thought processing so our high-tech companies never have to import our scientists and engineers from outside of the United States, and the top talent coming from our higher education system remains here.  Utilizing existing technology, we can improve educational opportunities by accessing knowledge and effective teaching systems that already exist.  We have talent here in Georgia and education is the key to unlocking that talent.

Having a range of excellent educational options is the right path and does not require spending more.  Georgia can rise into the top 20 of the states in testing in just four years if the right plan, focus, and importance are placed on quality educational choices.