Freedom and Fairness

Rights and responsibility will be returned to citizens; size and scope of government will be reduced. Government will be for the people and by the people, with Liberty and Justice for all. Hunt for Governor will represent the People of Georgia in increasing Freedom and Fairness specifically by bringing forth the following changes:

Economic Freedom: Move away from crony capitalism.

We are currently taxed in many ways, leaving less discretionary money for you while benefitting big companies and organizations. Atlanta now has the most negative equity homes. Georgia is has the highest unemployment rate. We have many in low paying or part time jobs. Decreasing the tax rate from 6% to 4% and applying it fairly and evenly can increase economic freedom for so many Georgians, allowing them more freedom and discretionary money to use for their activities and interests.


Better Healthcare System: Move away from limited options.

The state of Georgia can do better than the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obama Care). The AHA is a special interest bill that helps insurance companies make more money by requiring people to get insurance plans from a select few companies. Instead, what the people need are options that support a free enterprise system.
In addition to insurance plans, we should have Co-op options like Colorado, or even Direct Health Care programs between patients and their doctors. I would ensure that such options are available in Georgia. I would also work to change rules and regulations to decrease insurance cost for providers so that that the total cost to provide health care can be reduced by 10-20% in many cases. One of the main culprits of high healthcare costs is malpractice insurance. In Minnesota, malpractice insurance costs half of what doctors pay in Georgia. By providing more options than just insurance by large healthcare companies and reducing insurance costs for providers, the patient (customer) and doctor will both come out ahead. Let’s give Georgians better health services at a lower cost than insurance payments!
I also want Georgia to be a leader in healthcare. Part of this means offering the best care options available. Medicinal marijuana has been proven to be an excellent treatment for a number of ailments and I would be proud to sign laws that would make Georgia the 20th state to do this. There is strong research to support it and good people are either breaking the law to get relief, or are forced to go without.


Child-Centered Education: Move away from bureaucratic education.

We have talent here in Georgia and education is the key to unlocking that talent. Georgia can rise into the top 20 of the states in testing in just four years if the right plan, focus, and importance are placed on quality educational choices. Having a range of excellent educational options for families is the right path and does not require spending more. We must first increase both public and private school choices available to parents and their children. This will create competition and continuously raise the performance bar and lead to improved performance rankings. Secondly, we must implement the technology required for schools to be able to access knowledge and other effective teaching systems, in order to use best practices and further emphasize math, science, and creative thought processing.


Keeping Families Together through Prison Reform: Move away from improper jail terms.

As governor, I want to keep families together, keep people in the workforce, and save taxpayers money. One of the best ways to approach this is through prison reform. Georgia operates the 5th largest prison system in the US, and it’s costing taxpayers billions of dollars. Roughly 5% of tax dollars goes towards our incarceration systems. Georgia’s legislators have considered cutting funds to our education and healthcare without even considering reducing the costs of our prisons. If we shrink our prison population by no longer incarcerating people for victimless crimes, we can help keep families together and reduce our tax dollar waste. The savings can then be used to reimburse Employment Penalty Taxes so that Georgia’s economy can grow rapidly from jobs created through this free enterprise system. A great example of a cost-effective, smaller government is the prison reform in Texas. By closing 3 prisons, Texas has reunited families and reduced crime rates. They then spent a fraction of the cost of incarceration on creating community rehabilitation programs. I would like to take Texas’ prison reform model as a starting point for Georgia’s prison reform.
Victimless, non-violent offenders should not be ripped away from their families and jobs by making them serve time. This only increases their potential recidivism rate. Instead of incarceration, the state can charge fines, similar to most traffic violations. I will move in this direction as much as possible. I hope to show a majority of people that that a shift toward greater Liberty can be great for society. I will support changes to the War on Drugs to reduce the impact that drugs have on our society. Much of these impacts are crime related, a direct cause of these drugs being illegal. I would like to have a net savings in our budget by funding drug rehabilitation programs instead of jail time, like Texas, and will work to get such changes passed into law and implemented. By improving education and employment in Georgia, we will see a decrease in crime.
The ACA has a nice statement: “The treatment of criminals by society is for the protection of society. But since such treatment is directed to the criminal rather than the crime, its great object should be his moral regeneration. The state has not discharged its whole duty to the criminal when it has punished him, nor even when it has reformed him. Having raised him up, it has further duty to aid in holding him up. In vain shall we have given the convict an improved mind and heart, in vain shall we have imparted to him the capacity for industrial labor and the desire to advance himself by worthy means, if, on his discharge, he finds the world in arms against him, with none to trust him, none to meet him kindly, none to give him the opportunity of earning honest bread.”


Law Erasers: Move away from the law making mindset.

The more laws there are, the less Freedom people and companies have. About 50% of our elected officials are attorneys, while attorneys only make up less than 2% of the population. Deal and Carter are both attorneys, and the laws they help create mark their successes. I will reduce laws and regulations, increasing freedom and reducing the cost of simply living life and doing business.
I will establish an open and transparent government. This means keeping Georgians informed. I will let people know what bills are being written and who is writing them. If any changes are being made to the bills, who made them? Most importantly, if any individuals or businesses receive perks from a bill, I want people to know who they are and what the benefits constitute of. That way, voters can be more informed as to whom they’d like to reelect. I’m here to serve the people, not my party or special interest groups. I will say no to deception and corruption!
Another important factor in creating an open and transparent government is by having clearly written bills and laws. The “legalese” currently used makes laws difficult to understand. Using language that people other than attorneys can understand is key to ensuring Georgians are informed and understand what they may be voting for or against, and the benefits and implications of certain bills and laws.”


Open, Transparent Government: Move away from unethical government.

Currently just large businesses and the well connected receive special relief, incentives, and government contracts. There are so many neighborhoods, small towns and cities around Georgia do not receive any benefits. The majority of companies and people pay for this crony capitalism. With the Job Powerhouse plan we establish a level playing field with fairness and freedom of operation. Companies and citizens create the jobs that drive our economy. A true free enterprise system without penalties on employers will grow jobs rapidly.


Broader Voting and Ballot Access: Move away from the limited process.

We must ensure that there is easy access to voting, but that there is no improper voting or tabulation. Our current voting machines are aging and do not offer a hard copy record to audit. There are optional modern ‘electronic’ ways of voting but a person then would be tied to their vote so that voting could be verified (the personal voting record would remain confidential and be deleted once there is no dispute about winner from the candidates). Traditional voting with no name tied to a ballot of course should always be available, but we need to have a better system with audit capability of these. People must know it is a fair system and yields accurate results so they know that their vote matters.
Additionally, there should be easier ballot access for all parties wanting to run for office.


Clearly-Written Bills: Move away from legalese hiding reality.

Another important factor in creating an open and transparent government is by having clearly written bills and laws. The “legalese” currently used makes laws difficult to understand. Using language that people other than attorneys can understand is key to ensuring Georgians are informed and understand what they may be voting for or against, and the benefits and implications of certain bills and laws.


Caring for One Another Directly: Move away from dysfunctional programs.

While many government-run programs that care for others have good intentions, they are not efficient nor do they give taxpayers the satisfaction of helping fellow Americans. There are many people currently receiving assistance who really just want a hand up instead of a hand-out. I plan to reform programs to reduce hand-outs and provide hand-ups. This will naturally reduce the need for hand-outs, but I will continue to encourage individuals and private organizations – such as churches and non-profits – to continue to be generous and loving in caring for their neighbors.


Proper Veteran Care: Move away from badly-run federal programs.

I personally know veterans who have had great difficulty getting treatment, in one case where a person had to leave an VA operating table because one form was not an original (though it was a valid copy). It is not fair to treat heroes the way the federal government has. As Governor I will be a spokesperson for Georgia veterans’ needs and will make sure they are provided proper care and benefits. It was a great honor to meet retired Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Donald R. Moeller, MD, DDS, MA, who helped me become more aware of issues pertaining to the VA and his own work on PTSD studies.


Less Traffic, Quickly: Move away from large, disruptive transportation projects.

As Georgia’s population has grown, traffic has significantly increased. Traffic has become a problem that hurts productivity, reduces quality of life, and increases pollution. I support a clean environment and will explore cost-effective transit solutions that maximize the quality of life of Georgians. We will implement solutions based on facts – not political forces – that show a net decreased cost to the citizens of Georgia. By partnering with private industry we will be able to create streamlined, cost-effective solutions.


Lower Taxes and Better Service: Move away from wasteful, big government.

A smaller, more cost-effective government will not require as much money from the taxpayers.


Police who Protect us: Move away from police aggression.

Georgia is allowing seizures of property without due process, and there is a growing number of police attacks on people and unreasonable acts of aggression. We need to reverse the growing police state while bringing back respect for the police officer position. Our courts should protect our Liberties while our police should protect people from violence. This calls for changes to both laws and culture. As Governor I will make sure Fairness and Freedom are spread and nurtured by a government that will serve the People. I will honor our constitutional rights!



In God We Trust: Move away from “in government we trust”.

We the People must not depend on the government for our livelihood. The purpose of government is to protect your liberties. You must use your liberties and live life to the fullest!