Pledge to the People


 Dr. Andrew Hunt’s Pledge to the People of Georgia

Any candidate should make a pledge like I have below or not even be considered. I am committed to a government by the People and for the People, and increasing the following 10 standings (and others) will measure this.

I, Andrew Hunt, hereby pledge to raise Georgia’s rankings by at least 10 states in our bottom 10 list, or I will not run for reelection! People need to provide quality leadership or get out of the way for others to do a better job.
1. The most corrupt state with many ethical issues
2. Highest unemployment
3. High poverty
4. Poor education
5. Expensive health care
6. 9th highest income tax rate
7. ‘Limited’ government which increased tax revenues by over 2 billion dollars
8. High incarceration rates
9. $1500 loss to average middle class family
10. Terrible Atlanta traffic



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